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We work with the major agents of transformation in education. Our job is to analyze, diagnose and propose results-oriented actions. In this way, we promote solutions in the various processes involved in education.

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As an innovative matrix company, we develop and advise schools throughout UAE in the following areas

School Inspection Framework & Consulting

Instituional evaluation for preparation of the STRATEGIC GROWTH PLAN

School Inspection Framework & Consulting

The institutional evaluation (aligned according to the KHDA norms and regulation) is the diagnosis of the school reality to detect weaknesses to be improved and to reinforce the strengths not always recognized, aiming at:

  • Evaluation and feedback of the infrastructure
  • The (re) significance of the political / pedagogical process
  • Evaluation of administrative and pedagogical activities
  • Evaluation of projects
  • Evaluation of the methodology and strategies, and the for the next semester
  • Evaluation of School Documentation
  • Student enrollment study
  • Horizontal and Vertical Content
  • Evaluation
    Diagnostic evaluation of the segments (Primary, Middle and High School)
  • Evaluation of Events
  • Evaluation and feedback of the Teaching Performance
  • Evaluation and feedback of the Student Performance
  • Evaluation and feedback of the Technical Pedagogical Team
  • Evaluation of employees (administration, canteen, concierge)
  • Evaluation of the organizational climate

Education Management (School Enhancement Process)

The pedagocial process, the school administration and the quality of teaching

School Enhancement Process
  • We help and suuport the schools to re-plan interventional pedagogical actions after the diagnoses, in order to accomplish the mission aligned with the profile of students, educators, families and pedagogical making through participatory management.
  • Our proposal promotes the strengthening of the brand through specific and differentiated pedagogical actions, realigning the pedagogical proposal and the strategic management plan.
  • With innovative methodologies and strategies, using tools of coaching, positive psychology, neurolinguistics and emotional literacy we aim to maximize the potential of educators, students and employees to achieve metacompetence with an interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and transversal vision for the development of skills and abilities.

Teacher Recruitment & Staffing

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Working with schools involves mapping the entire structure of school processes, including community-based climate, selection of professionals, and assessment of management objectives and strategies. Our intervenvention, assessment & training focuses on teacher qualification, coordination team and school management, based on the diagnosis and management objectives.

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Our Intervention at a Glance


The school realizes where it is, where it is and where it wants to go.


Mangment & Administrators in carrying out a strategic institutional assessment.


The development of actions and to take the role of ADVISOR when necessary.


Indicators for analysis, creation, consolidation and registration of school processes.


The use of the QMS system in the optimization of the institutional development plan and processes.


The following items:

relevance, relationship, reality and results

Pedagogical Transformations believes that evaluation and planning are fundamental managerial components for the success of school management, therefore, the control of behaviors, documents and the direction of actions are diagnosed in order to strengthen the “school enterprise” within efficient mangement (rational use of resources) and effectiveness (achievement of objectives).

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