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KHDA Approved Mandatory Professional Development Courses

As a part of the KHDA Teacher Permit System, all teachers in Dubai have to undergo training on six mandatory professional development courses from approved providers. These six courses are based on the skills that have been identified by KHDA as mandatory skills for teachers in Dubai to be able to guide students on living harmoniously and peacefully in Dubai and the UAE. KHDA has created detailed module specifications on these topics that have been shared with schools as a preliminary step to define what to expect from these trainings.

Modules Covered

Child Protection & Safeguarding

From identifing abuse signs to the UAE Child Protection & Safegaurding Law

People of Determination

From understanding disabilities to reducing barriers to promoting inclusion


Discipline, the physical arrangement of the classroom


From concepts of diversity & equality to legislation

Moral Education

Understand the UAE moral education programme and its importance


From understanding resource optimisation to supporting sustainable development

MPD - KHDA approved content that includes high quality multimedia and video content for all the courses with detailed pre-course, in-course and post-course assessments.

Module Details :

  • Child Protection & Safeguarding
  • Diversity
  • Wellbeing
  • People of Determination
  • Sustainability
  • UAE Moral Education Programme

The course will familiarise educators and school staff with best practices relating to protection and safeguarding of learners. Participants will learn about child protection legislation in the UAE and the develop their knowledge about different types of abuse, the signs and symptoms of abuse, and appropriate actions to be taken to protect learners.

The course will develop educators’ and school staff’s understanding of diversity and equality in education. It will also develop their understanding of different forms of inequality and discrimination and how these impact learners and staff. The course will further enhance their knowledge on different legislation and policies related to equality and diversity in UAE.

The course will develop educators’ and school staff’s understanding of the importance of a safe learning environment and its impact on learner wellbeing. The course will enhance their knowledge of health and safety and identification of risks and hazards. It will also enhance their knowledge of the school’s roles and responsibilities to provide a safe learning environment. It will further enhance their knowledge about the role of diet, nutrition and exercise in enhancing learner wellbeing.

This course will develop educators’ and school staff’s understanding about disability, impairment, special educational needs and inclusion. In this course, participants will explore different barriers and discrimination faced by people of determination and ways to reduce barriers to promote inclusion. Participants will also explore different legislations and policies that promote inclusion. The course will further enhance their knowledge about the different teaching and learning approaches to promote inclusion.

This course will enhance educators’ and school staff’s understanding of sustainability and importance of resource efficiency in supporting sustainable development. It will also enhance their knowledge of initiatives that can be integrated into the learning environment to promote sustainable practices among learners. 

The course will familiarise educators and school staff with the UAE Moral Education Programme and its importance. It will enhance educator’s  and school staff’s understanding of the curriculum framework of the UAE moral Education Programme and requirement for its implementation.

At a glance

  • Content
  • Assessment & Grading
  • Certification
  • Delivery Mode
  • Duration
  • Language

KHDA approved content that includes high quality multimedia and video content for all the courses with detailed pre-course, in-course and post-course assessments. The content also comes with opportunities for reflective discussions for teachers.

The courses are verified and assessed internally on our online learning platform. There are multiple attempts for the final assessment.The grading is either pass or fail. All participants must achieve all performance criteria (PC) to obtain a pass.

We provide KHDA approved & attested certification for the courses to the successful participants.

The courses can be delivered using any mode of delivery i.e. face to face, online or hybrid that meets the participants’ need.  The notional duration of the courses have to be 15 hours per module that can be sufficed in online delivery or a face to face delivery with around 4-6 hours of guided learning. 


These courses are offered in both English and Arabic as per the requirements of the educational institution.

What people say about our MPD courses

Ever since I started doing this program I feel so happy and fulfilled each time I have a class. the instructor is great, speaks in a clear and good terms makes sure his explanations are understood.


Treasure Challotte


I had an awesome experience while learning this course. Very educative, that I found it easy to integrate it into my everyday teaching. Some of the ideas exposed were really awesome, and make me ponder for quite some time. The course content is precise and lecturer is very knowledgeable. Very stimulating lectures and brilliantly taught. I am happy with the content of the course, like the case-based approach. Overall, a great experience.


Teacher Of Accounts [Upper Secondary]

Key Stage Leader-KS 4 & 5

One of my favorite modules was blooms taxonomy which helped me to apply not only in my regular class teaching but also helped in to find the levels of students through assessments and evaluation. Our face to face classes are also lead by an excellent trainer who had enough knowledge and experience in the field of education. Usually, as a person, I am a silent hard worker not liking to open up easily for any sort of open discussions but this programme is helping me to come out from this fear and participate actively in the group discussions which is helping me to gain confidence to a certain extent. I am really thankful to Mr. Rishabh who is initiating this kind of discussions in the classes. I would definitely suggest this programme for those enthusiasts who are willing to gain and apply knowledge in regular teaching and learning.


Internal Examinations

In-Charge Teacher

Would like to share my feedback on the course conducted by you and your colleagues. I initiated my qualification with Pedagogical Transformations to get a teaching qualification but it has given me so much more. The course has a unique approach of mixing theoretical knowledge with practical implementation and action items to be used in the classroom. The content provided on the Suraasa platform is well structured and unlike other online courses is engaging and interesting. The case studies and assignments have helped me to build a new perspective towards using pedagogical tools and make my teaching and it's impact measurable. The trainer has good knowledge of the topics being taught and engages everyone in the discussions. He is also reachable and responsive at all times. Really enjoying the classroom sessions as well as the content on Suraasa app. Overall, it is a great experience and I have recommended your institution to my school and to friends from other schools as well.



Year 2 Leader- KS1

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300 AED/MPD/Teacher

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